We now have our final list of participants for our hair-cutting assembly. Everyone listed below will be part of the assembly. We cannot accept any more people at this point. However, if you choose to get your hair cut somewhere else and want to donate the cut hair at the assembly, you may still do that as long as you follow the guidelines that were sent out earlier.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this great event!

Brianna Smith
Elizabeth Ball
Kate Stacey
Maddie Baar
Abby Shereda
Rachel Shereda
Victoria Walter
Sydney Segard
Nicole Maleski
Sydnea Dandurand
Chloe Patrick
Megan Good
Sarah Michinenzi
Jacki Marshall
Shelby Styf
Linnae Conkel (sib of student)
Grace Doty
Sydney Wieringa
Taylor Wieringa (BMS)
Madison Jones(BMS)
Paetyn Bently
Hope Assink
Naomi Klooster
Kayla Wolma
Dakota Brower (BMS)
Jessica Droese
1 other Student from Bauer?

Char Greenland
Cheri Stacey (bringing hair donation to assembly)
Krista Lawrence
Susie Coxen
Cindy Roerig
Kristin Huyser
Sherri Orell
Stephanie Morningstar ?
Kari King

Already Cut donating Hair:
Olivia Volpe
Danielle Maleski

Hair Stylists that volunteered to help Salon N.
Kim Marshall
Sara Bently Wierda
Denise Volpe?

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